Glenn Beck Fires Back at Tomi Lahren in Countersuit, She Wasn't Fired, She Was Just Bad at Her Job

Glenn Beck to Tomi LahrenYou Weren’t Fired… You Were Just Bad at Your Task

4/17/2017 1:47 PM PDT

Breaking News As far asGlenn Beck is worried, Tomi Lahren is still an employee at his network, TheBlaze, and she’s the one who breached her contract.Beck and TheBlaze filed a countersuit versus its former character, Lahren. She had sued them declaring she was canned just since she stated she was pro-choice. In the new docs, Beck says Tomi was never fired or suspended, but they did< a href=""target="_ blank"> bench her show for one week. He states they continued to pay her salary during that time.They admit the show was briefly taken off the air due to the fact that her pro-choice remarks were”offensive to a number of the TheBlaze’s advocates and followers. “According to the docs, the real problem was, “Her comments were stunning and frustrating because they showed Lahren was uninformed and unprepared to speak. “Translation: She’s an idiot … as far as Beck and TheBlaze are concerned.Tomi’s previous employers think she was a horrible mouthpiece whose”

word choices on air needed to be resolved repeatedly for surrounding on the profane.

“Beck firmly insists Tomi’s still under contract, and desires a judge to obstruct her from trashing TheBlaze and from making public looks without their approval.

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